In America, you shoot cannon. In Soviet Russia, cannon shoot YOU!

Image attribution: Fir0002/Flagstaffotos

License: GFDL 1.2

Thanks to tmd for the joke idea.

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Burger King

You guys and get a bit weird with your jokes:

In America, you eat Burger King. In Soviet Russia, Burger King eat YOU!

Thanks, Evil Dude… I think. If anyone would care to illustrate this and send a link to the picture to me, that would be awesome.

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You watch TV…

This is a bit of an old one, but…

In America, you watch TV. In Soviet Russia, TV watch YOU!!

Thanks to TheDudeOverThere for the joke.

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In America… Toilets…

In America, you pee in toilet. In Soviet Russia, toilet pee on YOU!

Thanks, killer clown prince!

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Russian reversal…

In Soviet Russia, Russian reversal reverses you!

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Blog updates YOU!

In America, you update blog. In Soviet Russia, blog updates YOU!

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DIY Joke

In America, you __________ __________. In Soviet Russia, __________ __________ YOU!

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Spoon bends YOU!

In Matrix, you bend spoon.

In Soviet Russia, spoon bends YOU!

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Waldo finds YOU!

In America, you find where is Waldo. In Soviet Russia, Waldo finds where is YOU!

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