In America, you shoot cannon. In Soviet Russia, cannon shoot YOU!

Image attribution: Fir0002/Flagstaffotos

License: GFDL 1.2

Thanks to tmd for the joke idea.

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21 Responses to Cannons

  1. Bob2020 says:

    in america u hit phone pole, in sovit russia phone pole hits u.

  2. Ian says:

    In Soviet Russia, black people cross street to avoid you!

  3. David Romero says:

    Umm sir… that’s an American cannon O.o I’m sorry but I think your argument is invalid x)

  4. anthony says:

    In America, you pin the tail on donkey. In Soviet Russia, donkey pins the tail on you!

    In America, you build houses. In Soviet Russia, houses build you!

  5. Matt says:

    In America, the paedophile watches you. In Soviet Russia, you watch the paedophile.

  6. Wonckay24 says:

    In Capitalist America, bank robs YOU.

  7. my wood duck says:

    In America you tell jokes about Soviet Russia, but in Soviet Russia, Soviet Russia tell jokes about YOU!

  8. Logan Hammond says:

    thats an amerian cannon cause its got an american falg at the bottom of it.

  9. Daniel says:

    in soviet russia, you don’t go to hell. the hell come to you!!

  10. sakke says:

    Dear sir this photo was taken in Australia being that is a ford xr6 in the photo and also weekly times, rural finance and safeway.. all australian

  11. Zach Wright says:

    Look at the fence advertisements that’s Australian.

  12. climbereric says:

    In soviet Russia, McDonald’s sells you sad meals.

  13. matter says:

    In America you run from bigfoot, but in soviet russia bigfoot run from you

  14. Gally says:

    In soviet russia apocalypse survives you!

  15. Victor says:

    In america, we have god we trust on our money, but i soviet russia has no money

  16. AngrySiberian says:

    In America you looking for girl, in Russia girls looking for you
    In America police save you, in Russian you save police

  17. changeborn says:

    heavies are red

    pyro’s are blue

    in soviet russia, gun shoot you


  18. Dardz says:

    In america the police arrest you, in mother russia you arrest the police

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