In America… Toilets…

In America, you pee in toilet. In Soviet Russia, toilet pee on YOU!

Thanks, killer clown prince!

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31 Responses to In America… Toilets…

  1. russian says:

    in old sovjet russia snow falls from ground to sky

  2. Chris Zimmer says:

    In america you hang with friends. In soviet russia friends hang with you! 😀 lol

    • cyrozap says:

      This is, quite possibly, one of the funniest ones I’ve seen in quite a long time. It reminds me of the Ben Franklin quote “We must all hang together or we’ll all hang separately.”

  3. josh says:

    in soviet russia, pikachu chooses you

  4. Alex Rossom says:

    In soviet russia, GUM CHEWS YOU!!!

  5. Avery Carr says:

    in america you hunt deer, in soviet russia, DEER HUNTS YOU!!!

  6. joseramon1104 says:

    In America you watch TV, in Soviet Russia, TV watches YOU!

  7. in soviet russia says:

    in america you climb tree, in soviet russia, tree climb you

  8. Nicholas Bella says:

    In Soviet Russia bed lay on YOU

  9. aakshipuri says:

    In America you hang Christmas Decorations. In Soviet Russia Christmas Decorations hang you!!!!!!!!!!! 😛

  10. aakshipuri says:

    SOVIET RUSSIA JOKES ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  11. Ryan Svic says:

    In Capitalistic America you break law. In Soviet Russia law break you!!

  12. odis says:

    In America, you have a new year, In Soviet Russia, New year has you!!!!

  13. Roman Dragone says:

    In soviet russia, you take the Isengard to the Hobbits. In soviet russia, Phone calls You! In soviet russia, the door opens YOU?

  14. Amy Huynh says:

    In Soviet Russia , cookie jar eat you ! D:

  15. Michaelz says:

    In america, you drink vodka, in Soviet Russia, vodka drink YOU!

  16. Alec says:

    In America, you cut the cheese. In Soviet Russia, Cheese Cuts You!

  17. Jamis says:

    The most stupid jokes I’ve ever heard

  18. Alec says:

    Roses are red, Violets are blue. In soviet Russia, poems wright you!

  19. Ahmed says:

    this one is somewhat stupid

    In America you drive a car, In Soviet Russia car drives you

  20. Bre says:

    In America, you read book. In Soviet Russia, books read you.

  21. David says:

    In America you break law, In soviet Russia law breaks you

  22. Tenrai says:

    In America you distill vodka, In Soviet Russia vodka distills you.

  23. Bruce Banner says:

    In Soviet Russia, you dont drink vodka. Vodka drinks you.

  24. Chris says:

    In America you search internet
    In Soviet Russia internet search YOU!!

  25. aninjasfart says:

    ive got a couple good ones:

    1) In America, you buy car you get 30% off. In Soviet Russia, you buy car, you get 30% chance of getting car.
    2) (a poem)
    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue.
    In Soviet Russia,
    poem writes you!

  26. Evil dude says:

    1. In America you shoot gun. In soviet rusia gun shoot YOU!
    Wait… Isn’t that suicide… Or is it murder?

    2 in America you eat burger king. In soviet rusia burger king eats YOU!
    Frigin canible

    3 in America you drop nuke, in soviet rush nuke drops YOU!
    I know I’m a horrible person

    4 in America you bench press 100 a day. In soviet rusia 100 benchpresses YOU!
    That one kinda suked

    5 in America you crack jokes. In soviet rusia jokes crack YOU!
    Oh burn this is easy guys don’t stick to the book wright your own dam jokes like me. Lol

    6 in America you sign yearbooks. In soviet rusia yearbook signs YOU!

    7 in America you cock shotgun. In soviet rusia shotgun cock YOU!
    I’m aiming for 10 by the way

    8 in America you have Parties. In soviet rusia Parties have YOU!

    9 in America you rob banks. In soviet rusia BANKS ROB YOU!
    Actualy that aplys every where. Banks are out to get ya man!

    10 in America you squish ants. In soviet rusia ANTS SQUISH YOU!
    That’s one hell of an ant if u ask me.

    Any way that’s my 10 soviet rusia jokes. You people need to expand your imagination. I’ve only posted once and I got more jokes than all ov ya! 🙂 😛

  27. gracius says:

    In America, it’s Wabbit season. In Soviet Russia, it’s YOU season!

  28. me says:

    In Soviet Russia, you pay stripper. In Capitalist America, stripper pays you.

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue (Really?)
    In Capitalist America
    Rich sue you

  29. Byron says:

    In America you ride horse, in soviet Russia horse rides you.

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