DIY Joke

In America, you __________ __________. In Soviet Russia, __________ __________ YOU!

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25 Responses to DIY Joke

  1. EpicFail89 says:

    In a Mexican restaurant, you order tacos. In Soviet Russia, tacos order you!

    • Notreallyabigjobtoshootpeople says:

      Heh..Lol your funny. well now im trying to think of a joke like THAT!

  2. Username:Totopaw Necroangel says:

    in America, you eat pie. in Soviet Russia,PIE EATS YOU

    • Notreallyabigjobtoshootpeople says:

      First i was so sad…. Then when read this i was like 😀 XD ect. of happy faces…..

  3. fikamar says:


  4. Abi says:

    In Soviet Russia, fox fires you!!

    • Notreallyabigjobtoshootpeople says:

      I said i was laughing to burn…. wait…Does that make sense? Nvm BUT YOU ARE FUNNY!

  5. FunnySoviet says:

    In America you change wallpaper, In Soviet Russia wallpaper changes you!

  6. jill says:

    In america, you milk cow, in soviet russia, COW milks YOU!!

  7. Trololol says:

    In America life gives you lemons. In Soviet Russia lemons give you life!!

  8. TheDudeOverThere says:

    In america, you watch TV. In soviet russia, TV watch YOU!!

  9. Mellassa says:

    In America, you fall on ground, in Soviet Russia, ground falls on YOU!!

  10. Notreallyabigjobtoshootpeople says:

    Trying to think of one right now. Soon i shall be making a big joke maybe….

  11. THAT GUY! says:

    In America, you pay prostitute.
    In Russia, prostitute pays YOU!

  12. THAT GUY! says:

    A special from Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

    In America, you steal car!
    In Soviet Russia, Car Steals YOU!

  13. Nathaniel says:

    In america you wipe you butt with toilet paper. in soviet russia toilet paper wipes its butt with you.

  14. evilpanda123 says:

    In America Chuck Norris wins. In Soviet Russia Chuck Norris still wins.

  15. Ben Taylor says:

    In America you break wind in Soviet Russia wind break you

  16. amandadapanda says:

    In America, you tell “In Soviet Russia” jokes. In Soviet Russia, “In Soviet Russia” jokes tell you. • •

  17. brian says:

    in america you drink vodka in soviet russia vodka drinks u

  18. anonymous54 says:

    In America, you throw out garbage. In Soviet Russia, garbage throws out YOU!

  19. anonymous54 says:

    In Soviet Russia, Nemo finds YOU!
    In Soviet Russia, bug steps on YOU!

  20. Andy says:

    In America, you explore space.
    In Soviet Russia, space explore you.

    (hint hint)

  21. Tuomas says:

    In America, you hold hands.
    In Soviet Russia, hands hold YOU!

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