Dog plays with YOU!

In America, you play with dog. In Soviet Russia, dog plays with YOU!You play with dog...

In Soviet Rusia, dog plays with YOU!

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18 Responses to Dog plays with YOU!

  1. hi says:

    I’n soviet rushia, The
    Kid owns YOU!!!!

  2. Rob Justice says:

    In Soviet Russia, game plays you!

  3. IfYouWantMyNameSoBadEmailMe says:

    In Soviet Russia Plane Flys You

  4. Waitor says:

    In America you sit on Santa. In Soviet Russia, Santa sits on you.

  5. Mathwiz6 says:

    In America you dive in water in Soviet Russia water dives into you

  6. SUPERTROLLZ!!!! says:

    In Soviet Russia, MSPaint draws YOU!!!

  7. Sheldon says:

    In america, you take bath in bathtub, in Soviet Russia, Bathtub take bath in YOU!

  8. Jason says:


  9. Meshmeifyoucan says:

    In soviet russia, bomb drop YOU!

  10. Cody says:

    In Soviet Russia, you no cut corner.. Corner cut YOU.

  11. Kuteka says:

    какие же вы все таки дебилы!

  12. epecholdas says:

    какие же вы все таки дебилы! <- you are all stupids

  13. v says:

    In soviet Russia, you don’t get buried in a coffin, the coffin gets buried in you!

  14. tmd says:

    in Soviet Russia, you don’t shoot the cannon, the cannon shoots you!!!!!!!

  15. tmd says:

    IN soviet Russia, you dont fall on sidewalk, sidewalk falls on you!

  16. Mpavelchak08 says:

    In America, you have government.
    In Soviet Russia, Government hate you!

  17. nisha says:

    very funny pics

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