BIN gets recycled!

I found this while on It has a lot of other funny stuff, too.

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9 Responses to BIN gets recycled!

  1. the game says:

    in soviet russia, the GAME lose YOU!

  2. zombie says:

    In Soviet Russia, Zombie shoots you.

  3. killer clown prince says:

    In America you pee in toilet, in Soviet Russia toilet pees on you

  4. Ariechan says:

    In America you walk dog, in Soviet Russia dog walks YOU.

  5. Username:Totopaw Necroangel says:

    but lol the funny thing is that he has a soda bottle in a box for a gun xD where`d you get the picture?

  6. Viod says:

    in America you ride horse, in Soviet Russia, horse rides you

  7. Syd says:

    Lol in America, you shoot gun; in Sovie Russia, gun shoots YOU!

  8. dstanley533 says:

    in america, you build snowman;
    in soviet russia, snowman build you

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