LAW breaks YOU!

While searching on the internet, I found this:

I got it from RainbowJerk.

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19 Responses to LAW breaks YOU!

  1. Wonderwho says:

    In America, bird poop on you. In Soviet Russia, you poop on bird!!

  2. Tonyguy says:

    In America you use search engine, In Soviet Russia search engine uses you!

  3. A Tree says:

    In America, you turn on light. In Soviet Russia, light turns you on!

  4. killer frenzy says:

    in America you climb ladder, In Soviet Russia, ladder climbs you

  5. kingwilliam16 says:

    In America, you vote on the government.
    In Soviet Russia, government votes on YOU!

  6. Sahmmy says: – In the US the shovel beats you up, In Soviet Bulgaria you beat up the shovel… (The guy in the background is saying “stop it because you’re gonna break my shovel”)

  7. Abi says:

    sorry I just had to say this
    In Soviet Russia, Pokemon catches you!!lol^^

  8. josh says:

    in Soviet Russia, Chuck Norris still kills you! haha hybrid joke xD

  9. tanner says:

    in america you hunt birds in soviet russia birds hunt you.

  10. tanner says:

    in america you play games in soviet russia games play you.

  11. Tahir@Nile1234 says:

    in america you break laws in russia laws break you

  12. Tahir@Nile1234 says:

    in america you watch tv in russia tv watches you

  13. Tahir@Nile1234 says:

    in america you play beyblade in russia i deteat you and take all your power

  14. Tahir@Nile1234 says:

    oh my god becky look at her butt tomchi

  15. JP says:

    In Soviet Russia, prison breaks you

  16. JP says:

    in former Soviet Uzbekistan, Government still hates you.

  17. JP says:

    In America, you fight the cold weather, but in Soviet Siberia, the cold weather fights you.

  18. In America you pay stripper In Soviet Russia stripper pay you

  19. Tuomas says:

    In America, you hold hands.
    In Soviet Russia, hands hold YOU!

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